Taksin sand

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Size: 2'6" x 10' 2'6" x 12' 2'6" x 15"

The four mythical Tibetan beasts, the snow lion, tiger, dragon, and garuda, move on a homespun beige field. The garuda and dragon soar in a cloud-studded sky over the terrestrial snow lion and tiger who traverse a landscape of mountains and grasslands. The scene is detailed in grey, cream, raw sienna, brown, and gold. The garuda has hair of teal and sage. His wings are detailed in deep rosewood, brown, and peach.

Quality: Gyantse (120 knots per sq. inch)

Dyes: Naturally sourced vegetal dyes

Raw Materials: 100% Tibetan Wool

Handcrafted in Nepal by Tibetan and Nepali Artisans 
We start with Tibetan highland sheep's wool known as "Jampbel", which is prized for its luster, stain-resistance and durability. The wool is carefully prepared using traditional hand-spinning and hand-dyeing methods. Teams of weavers then expertly hand-knot the rug on a vertical loom for months, resulting in a distinctive rug that will increase in beauty over the years.

A portion of your purchase will go to preserving Tibetan culture. Read about Ralo's Social Impact Initiatives here.