Jha-Gor Pema green

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Size: 4' x 6'

A pair of scarlet phoenixes circle a stylized lotus on deep green field, bordered by a narrow strip of rosewood. An ogee, flame-like motif grows from a geometric pattern that suggests the sea, sky and mountain range at the top and bottom edges.

Quality: Gyantse (120 knots per sq. inch)

Dyes: Naturally sourced vegetal dyes

Raw Materials: 100% Tibetan Wool

Handcrafted in Nepal by Tibetan and Nepali Artisans 
We start with Tibetan highland sheep's wool known as "Jampbel", which is prized for its luster, stain-resistance and durability. The wool is carefully prepared using traditional hand-spinning and hand-dyeing methods. Teams of weavers then expertly hand-knot the rug on a vertical loom for months, resulting in a distinctive rug that will increase in beauty over the years.

A portion of your purchase will go to preserving Tibetan culture. Read about Ralo's Social Impact Initiatives here.