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Size: 9' x 12'

The graceful curves of overlapping strokes from a calligrapher’s pen in extreme close up form shapes and textures of layered, contrasting, and overlapping neutral shades of taupe, cream, and dark and light grey. On a field of Tibetan wool, the foreground shapes are pure, high quality, Chinese silk. The effect of the lustrous silk is that the colors transform, and alter their shade from lighter to darker as the rug is viewed from different directions. The luminous effect imparts luxuriousness to the graphic composition of the design.

Quality: Gyantse (120 knots per sq. inch)

Dyes: Hand-mixed Swiss dyes

Raw Materials: Silk & Wool

Handcrafted in Nepal by Tibetan and Nepali Artisans 
We start with Tibetan highland sheep's wool known as "Jampbel", which is prized for its luster, stain-resistance and durability. The wool is carefully prepared using traditional hand-spinning and hand-dyeing methods. Teams of weavers then expertly hand-knot the rug on a vertical loom for months, resulting in a distinctive rug that will increase in beauty over the years.

A portion of your purchase will go to preserving Tibetan culture. Read about Ralo's Social Impact Initiatives here.