Wildflower cinnamon

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Size: 25" x 15"

Unique rug pillow used for meditation or decoration. Designed in SoHo, Handwoven in the Himalayas.

Colors: cinnamon, ivory, coral, jade

Quality: Gyantse (120 knots per sq. inch)

Raw Materials: 100% Tibetan wool, organic cotton backing, brass fasteners, removable down feather pillow insert 

Crafting storyEach plush down feather pillow is an miniature, individual, hand-knotted rug with handsewn Tibetan brass fasteners. While their striking designs and vibrant colors make them perfect decorative throw pillows, they are durable enough to be used for seated meditation or yoga practice. 

A portion of your purchase will go to preserving Tibetan culture. Read about Ralo's Social Impact Initiatives.