"I first entered the world of Ralo, Tibet Carpet, three years ago and met Tenzin and his guys. Bought a large carpet that day…and have returned several times since that initial addictive event. All told I'm up to 11 stocked carpets, plus one custom carpet. Not only is it a pleasure to buy/talk to Tenzin - but now I have 12 gorgeous carpets (plus one pillow). Like Arnold has said - I'll be back…"
Bob Reeves, New York City

"I have worked with Tenzin at Ralo, Tibet Carpet, for a number of years and every time I have gotten wonderful and unique rugs that either create the foundation for a room or enhance whatever ongoing project I am working on. The Ralo experience is a wonder for all the senses; starting with a visit to the beautiful and serene showroom on Howard Street, one immediately is transported to another world from bustling Soho outside. The superb quality and care of each rug is apparent while looking thru the samples. There is some deception too because at first one feels there aren’t many rugs to choose from, but indeed there are and there is something for every taste. It is a carefully edited selection and therefore doesn’t overwhelm people. My clients always smile when they refer to our shopping expedition at Ralo. Of course I love when a rug is perfect for a particular home but it is equally important for me to enjoy the design process and this company provides it all."
Cristina Hadzi, Cristina Hadzi Interiors, New York

"...Sogyel was wonderful to work with. We are enjoying the Driftwood carpet in our house and are giving the Blocks Spice carpet to my son for a wedding present. Thank you so much for the service you have provided to us."

Rhonda, Covington, Louisiana

"I am very much enjoying the natural brown rug in my house. We have a brownstone with all the original details dating back to the 1890's and I was a little concerned when purchasing the rug since I had only purchased the same rug for mostly new and very minimal spaces, but it is working out beautifully. I was also fearful of the rug shedding, but the natural oils in the rug keeps it looking new and we didn't have trouble with much shedding."
Myonggi Sul, Interior Design Professor at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

"We have only experienced professionalism. The quality and craftsmanship of their product has always complimented any room we have designed. Ralo, Tibet Carpet is always on the top of our list when we are seeking beautiful designs with top quality craftsmanship."

Tom H. John Associates, New York City

"We receive phone calls frequently from guest of the hotel (Wheatleigh Hotel in Lenox MA) (a very discerning clientele I might add) applauding us for the interior design. The quality and workmanship of your carpets undoubtedly contributed to the success of our work and we are very grateful for that. We look forward to working with you again in the near future."
Tsao & Mckown Architects - New York City

"I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and time in choosing the rugs for our new home. They are the most unique, beautiful and durable rugs we have encountered, whether in stores or other homes. The craftsmanship, colors and designs are a real complement to what we wanted to express in our home. The rugs finished off our attempt at simple line, open space, warmth and complexity. Again, thank you for all your support in completing our home."
Rita Steele-Pebble Beach - California

"We just love all your rugs... your Tibetan rugs are the most beautiful and it is a pleasure to do business with you."
Caryn and Jim Magid

"We could not be more pleased with dedication you show to your clients. I was bowled over by the beauty and quality of the piece you produced "
F. J. Webb, Designer - New York City

"We absolutely love it. It came out better than we expected, the color is rich and perfectly suited for the space we're using it in. We are really happy with it in every way."
John & Kumi - Santa Fe, New Mexico

"The most beautiful Tibetan rugs I have seen in one location-including Tibet."
Portess, World Traveler - California

"Only this company would honor an agreement of 8 years and still have the item available on trust only. Truly a company that lives the spirit."
Jesse Freed - New York City

"What a wonderful experience it has been to work with all of you wonderful people."
John & Diane - Chicago

"An absolutely beautiful showroom! Amazing display of Tibetan rugs"
Donna – California

"To appreciate a beautiful Ralo Tibetan carpet is to capture the heart of Tibetan culture and life in its true essence"
Dr. Wade - New Jersey

"My 8' runner arrived and I was astounded, it is even more beautiful than I imagined it would be - Thank you for my gorgeous carpets"
Susie Langenkamp - Virginia

"We have had 2 custom-made, beautiful carpets made by Tibet Carpet. It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Lhungay and his crew. The work of Ralo, Tibet Carpet is truly fine art."
Borris Hofmann - New York City

"When was the last time you not only got your high-end internationally manufactured custom product delivered two months earlier than estimated by the store? And have it turn out as nicely as you had hoped! This happened today with my rug purchased at Ralo, Tibet Carpet."
Gary Stein - New York City

"This work of art exceeded my expectations. Yes the carpet in your show room in New York is beautiful. But I believe the one created for my home has colors and designs uniquely suited to enliven my place- Please express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to this carpet now beautifying a home in Tennessee."
Jan Wardle - Tennessee

"Our latest custom rug purchase is perfect. It makes us smile everyday. Thank you for your good work."
Michael & Karen - New York

"For over ten years, you have assisted us at Ralo, Tibet Carpet and I write to thank you and all of your associates, and to tell you that the rugs continue to add happiness to life. Every day, we feel appreciation for the beautiful carpets. Truly. Experience of living with these carpets enriches life beyond words and our own understanding, and we are appreciative. Thank you,"
Dana T. – Connecticut

"It is a pleasure to do business with a company which emphasizes dependability and courtesy as well as craftsmanship."
J. Ellison- Design Collection - North Carolina

" The quality of the materials makes it a pleasure to walk on barefoot and seeing it in our living room makes it truly the center piece of the room! In short we love it and loved working with you and your team."
Susan & Ray – New York City

"Immensely huggable, these sumptuous Ralo pillows are the grown-up version of a teddy bear. Sporting today's fashion colors of golden ochre, light olive and berry burgundy, these antique designs are brought into 21st Century with bursts of pink, fuchsia and saffron accents."
Catherine B. Stein, President, The Color Council