Professional Rug Washing

We utilize specialized equipment and expertise to carefully wash a wide variety of area rugs. Your rug can be dropped off at our SoHo showroom or picked up from your home* at a pre-arranged time. The rug is then transported to an off-site location where it is initially examined by experts to determine the ideal method to remove specific stains. After the rug is thoroughly cleaned using a specialized platform that immerses the rug, it is again inspected and, if necessary, re-washed and re-finished. The revitalized rug is then returned to our showroom where it can be picked up or delivered to your home*. Due to our acute attention to detail, we have highly satisfied rug washing customers.

Ralo carpets are made with 100% unbleached Tibetan Highland Wool, which is particularly high in lanolin, a waxy oil found in sheep’s wool that protects and extends the life of the carpet. We recommend professional washing of our carpets once every 3 to 5 years.

Standard Rug Washing Terms:
• $2.99 PSF for wool Tibetan rugs, $3.99 PSF for silk & wool rugs
• $85 minimum charge for rugs smaller than 30 sq ft
• Lead time of 1-2 weeks

Expert Rug Repair

We offer repair services for handmade Tibetan rugs. Our in-house Tibetan master weavers can perform expert repairs and restoration. Repairs include refringing, binding, reweaving, and restoration of damaged or worn areas. Due to the unique nature of each repair job, please bring the rug in question to our SoHo Showroom to assess if there are any limitations.

* Rug pickup and deliveries are only available within Manhattan