How long does it take to weave a rug?

It depends on the size and complexity of the specific rug design. Typically, it takes about 1,500 hours just to weave a 9' x 12' sized rug, or about 2 months. That excludes the time to spin and dye the yarn as well as the time to timber, wash and dry the final product.

Where are your rugs made?

All Ralo rugs are made in Nepal and the wool is sourced from northern Tibet.

How long does a Tibetan rug last before it needs to be replaced?

Centuries! Hand-knotted rugs are incredibly durable and with proper care, a Ralo rug can be used by your family for generations.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally via DHL and within the US via UPS.

Can I order a rug in a size that is not available?

Certainly, we can work with you to customize all aspects of a rug including the dimensions, design, materials and colors. Click here for information about the custom process.

Are Tibetan rugs safe for my children to play on?

Absolutely! Because of our commitment to using traditional weaving processes and 100% natural materials like wool, silk and cotton, there are no harmful chemicals, glues or synthetic materials in our rugs. Additionally, the thick pile of a Tibetan rug provides a nice, warm and cushioned area that is perfect for children - or the whole family- to play on :) .

How accurate are the rug sizes listed on this site?

Fairly accurate within 1 - 2 inches. As a handmade product, slight natural variation in the size and shape of the final rug are a normal part of process.

Are vegetal dyed rugs more prone to fading than Swiss aniline (chemical) dyed rugs?

No, the sun's ultraviolet rays have a potent bleaching effect on all natural fibers. Both vegetal dyes and chemical dyes are equally at risk of fading if exposed to direct sunlight over long periods of time. If your rug has uneven or partial exposure to direct sunlight, we recommend that you rotate the rug every six months.

Help - I just unpacked my rug and there are wrinkles on it!

Our rugs are folded during shipping, and temporary "wrinkles" or creases may appear on the rug after unpacking them. Once the rug is laid out on a rug pad and vacuumed, the wrinkles will disappear after a couple days. For a quicker fix you can roll the rug tightly into a cylinder and leave it rolled up for a few hours before installing it.

Can I place furniture legs directly on my rug?

Yes, if the furniture legs are flat. If they are pointed or sharp, we recommend using a furniture coasters to protect the rug.

Why does my silk rug look so different when viewed from opposite ends?

All handknotted Tibetan rugs will appear lighter from one end and darker from another due to the way light reflects off of the rug's nap. This is particularly noticeable in silk rugs due to their iridescent nature.

Are silk rugs more prone to staining than wool rugs?

Yes, silk, by nature, tends to be more delicate and prone to stains than wool. Therefore, we recommend that more caution is taken with silk rugs and that stains are addressed immediately before they set in. See our rug care guide to learn how to clean stains.

What should I know about maintaining and cleaning a Tibetan rug?

Ralo rugs are stain resistant and easy to maintain! The most important way to care for your rug is to clean it every one to two weeks with a vacuum with a brush roll on high pile setting. See our rug care guide for more details.

Do your rugs shed?

In general, all Tibetan rugs see some shedding early in their life as tiny wool fibers from the production process come free. However, Ralo rugs shed minimally because rather than using machine-spun yarns, we hand-spin the wool, leading to "high-twist" fibers that shed significantly less.

What is the best way to store my rug?

Roll* the rug, wrap it in heavy duty waterproof plastic and store it in cool, dry place. For long term storage over several years, the rug should be aired and vacuumed at least twice a year to prevent moth damage to the wool. *When rolling, make sure to roll it horizontally (i.e. a 5' x 8' rug would be 5 feet long rolled up and a 9' x 12' rug would be 9 feet long rolled up.)

Do you charge sales tax for orders shipped out of state?

We do not collect sales tax for products shipped within the US but outside of New York State. All products shipped or delivered to addresses within New York State are taxed at the relevant sales and use tax rates. Within New York City the total Sales and Use Tax is 8.875 percent.